Lifeline from Cleveland


The artists and collaborators of this project wish to thank the following individuals and entities for their incredible energy and steadfast support for this project. Without their help, this installation would not have been possible:

  • James Levin, Director and Founder, Cleveland IngenuityFest
  • Valarie J. McCall, Office of the Mayor, City of Cleveland
  • The Staff and Engineers of the City of Cleveland, Division of Water
  • Shannon Gallagher and the staff of the Cuyahoga County Engineer's Office
  • Lt. Trisha Jantzen, MSTS Matthew White, Lt. Brian Sadler, and the staff of the United States Coast Guard
  • Doug Hoffman and the Board of the Cleveland IngenuityFest
  • Marty Schneider, Paula Grooms, James Krouse, and the rest of the staff at Ingenuity
  • Jessica Schantz
  • Chuck Karnak
  • Bill Leddy
  • Meredith Pangrace
  • Sean and Jason at Carroll Graphics
  • The Ohio EPA
  • The Flats Oxbow Association


We would like to especially thank our staff of volunteers who help set up this project and operated the Lifeline waterfall during the festival weekend:

  • Kate Ingersoll
  • Nate Karle
  • Renee Martin
  • Jerusha Michael
  • Diann Mistelske
  • Meredith Pangrace
  • Jimm Poleman
  • Thomas Nebesar
  • Scott Stettin
  • Wendy Trem