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An impending global crisis of freshwater scarcity is fast emerging as a defining fulcrum of world politics and human civilization. For the first time in history, modern society’s unquenchable thirst, industrial technological capabilities, and sheer population growth from 6 to 9 billion is significantly outstripping the sustainable supply of fresh, clean water available from nature using current practices and technologies.
– Steven Solomon

Lifeline is a large-scale waterfall art installation that both celebrates Cleveland’s abundance of fresh water as well as raises awareness of water scarcity throughout the world. The project is a collaborative effort between artists Kidist Getachew, Michael Lehto, John Thomas, lighting designer Chuck Karnak, and the Cleveland Division of Water, with generous funding and support by the Cleveland IngenuityFest. The installation will be on view during the 2010 Ingenuity Festival, September 24 through 26.

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Fresh water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource worldwide, one that is ever more in demand as populations grow and industrialize. Only 2.5 percent of the world's water supply is potable, which has led to situations of tremendous disparity across various regions.

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View from Settler's Landing during Full Capacity Test (Sep 23)

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News About Lifeline

» September 24, 2010
IngenuityFest waterfall test a success, stage set for Friday's debut
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» September 24, 2010
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» September 23, 2010
IngenuityFest to start Friday, Signature Installation is Unique Waterfall
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» September 21, 2010
Ingenuity Creates Waterfall in the Center of Downtown Cleveland
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» September 21, 2010
Ingenuity creates 130-foot waterfall off Detroit-Superior Bridge
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» September 20, 2010
Ingenuity Turning Detroit-Superior Bridge Into a Waterfall
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